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SXT Electric Boards

SXT Electric Boards
SXT Electric Balance & Skateboards  Duo is a self-balancing urban transportation vehicle also called the balance board, hover board or similar. (High quality, no cheap copies here) It's balanced by numerous high-quality gyro sensors and ultra-sensitive metrology. The SXT Duo is controlled by the displacement of your own body weight. By leaning to the front it accelerates, by leaning to the back it slows down. Since we have been born the human body automatically corrects uneven ground or "slopes" by balancing the body centre of gravity, Learning to ride this balance board is just as easy. Day to day our body makes many movements and corrections to our balance subconsciously and automatically, With this in mind you will be riding the SXT Duo after a few minutes independently and safely. SXT Electric Skateboard, The SXT electric board is an electric skateboard / longboard pitched at the high end of the longboard market. The parts used are of the highest quality and are matching the higher end of the skateboard / longbard marketplace, making the SXT Board a real professional skateboard.

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New SXT Electric Skateboard 36V Brushless Board

Product no.: ESCBRD

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SXT Duo - 600W self-Balancing Balance Board 36V Red

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Delivery Period UK Mainland: 3 - 5 working days - Please Note if you have chosen the build service for the Viper, Gekko or Raptor Scooters please allow 10 working days: PLEASE NOTE LAST ORDER DATE FOR XMAS DELIVERY IS 11AM 18/12/2017
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