Slick Revolution Dual Max-Eboard Electric Longboard

Slick Revolution Dual Max-Eboard Electric Longboard

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Slick Revolution’s Dual Max-Eboard electric longboard. The Dual Max-Eboard electric longboard by Slick Revolution comes in at a considerably cheaper price of its competitors. At 36 inches long it’s a fairly standard longboard but with one very important difference, The Dual Max-Board electric longboard comes complete with not 1 but 2 motors yes that’s right not 1 but 2 motors which gives the Dual Max-Eboard electric longboard huge torque along with great hill climbing abilities. Not only that the Dual Max-Eboard comes complete with a concealed battery within the bamboo and fibre glass deck.

The Dual Max-Eboard electric longboard comes complete with two powerful anti-splash and rustproof motors with 1200 Watts of power each which gives you and your Dual Max-Eboard electric longboard the ability to go most places with ease. The Dual Max-Eboard is perfect for commuting to work or anyone just wanting to ride along and have some serious fun. On smooth tarmac the Dual Max-Eboard will happily glide along for up to 8 miles and reach a top speed of up to 25mph. The Dual Max-Eboard electric longboard also comes complete with a fantastic wireless controller and can be ridden at any speed up to 25mph. Cruise control is activated from your controller and allows you to stick at any speed with the touch of a button. If you need to recharge your tech while on the go you can effortlessly, just plug in to the USB port and away you go

With a super quick charge time of only 4 hours means when your Dual Max-Eboard electric longboard is out of power you can be up and running within no time at all, why not charge your Dual Max-Eboard electric longboard whilst you are in work. Along with Strong controller activated braking means you can slow down while on the move quickly and efficiently and with just the touch of a button. Regenerative braking technology charges your Dual Max-Eboard electric longboards battery while you brake or coast downhill. Your Dual Max-Eboard comes complete with 7 inch Magaluma gravity cast trucks and ABEC-7 super smooth bearings ensuring you get a comfortable and extra smooth ride.

The Dual Max-Eboard electric longboard handles slightly more stiffly than other electric skateboards in the marketplace but can make a 10 foot radius turn.

The Dual Max-Eboard electric longboard has a top speed of 25mph (40km/h), and a travel range of 8 miles (13km), 15 degree hill climb, fast recharge time and regenerative electric brakes.

City commuters just ask yourself a question, can you be without it?

Just some great features:

  • Battery Type: Integrated and protected Lithium Ion (Li+) Battery
  • Motor: 2 x 1200 Watt brushless motors with hall sensors
  • Braking: Electronic regenerative braking- when you brake, the battery charges + parking brake
  • Deck Material: Bamboo and fibreglass with integrated battery and LED battery power display
  • Hill Climb Ability:  Cruise up 10-20% slopes with ease
  • Deck Dimensions: 91.5cm x 27.4cm x 14cm
  • Weight: 8.5kg (18.7lbs)
  • USB Connection: Charge any tech straight from the board
  • Protected: Dust proof and anti-splash casing
  • Wheels: ABEC-7 super smooth bearings, 88A hardness PU wheels with 85% rebound
  • Trucks: 18cm Magaluma gravity cast truck with 6mm raiser pad
  • Wireless Control: Ergonomic design with 3 speed settings
  • Cruise control: at any speed with the touch of a button
  • Warranty: 1 Year warranty full UK support and spares available
  • Certified: In an independent UK electrical test centre. CE, RoHS and RED certificates available.

IMPORTANT NOTE!!! The Min-Eboard is not allowed to be used under road traffic licensing regulation


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Road legal information: Please note: this scooter is not road legal and should not be used on any public highway Safety: We value our customer’s safety, so please ensure you purchase a good quality helmet, knee & elbow pads, and wrist guards before riding this scooter. Have fun but be safe

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