SXT 1000 Turbo 36V Electric Scooter 1000W 30Ah Lithium Battery - White

SXT 1000 Turbo 36V Electric Scooter 1000W 30Ah Lithium Battery - White

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SXT 1000 Turbo 36V Electric Scooter 1000W 30Ah Lithium battery upgrade. WOW! Turbo charged electric scooter. We give you the SXT1000 Turbo electric scooter. Its not only mean but is extremely strong. Why not take this high quality 1000W scooter off road for some serious fun. Complete with a removable seat you can make your way to your chosen destination in comfort before putting the SXT1000 Turbo scooter through its paces
The SXT 1000 Turbo electric scooter is a must-have for campers, work places and any big kids who just want to have fun. Due to their lightweight structure of around 32kg and the fact that it can be folded down you can transport this in the boot of your car, on a bus or just about anywhere. The SXT1000 Turbo electric scooter is built to a very high standard and with safety and fun in mind utilising its light but strong design manufactured from lightweight high grade steel along with its fantastic manoeuvrability due the low centre of gravity makes it a must scooter to have for off road use.
The SXT1000 Turbo scooter comes complete with low energy LED front and rear lights so can be used after dark and can be controlled by a two position ignition key so you can turn them off. Complete with front and rear adjustable disc brakes and special designed callipers you a will not have any trouble stopping this rapid scooter. With a Turbo/Eco switch mode this rapid scooter can be transformed from 650W (eco mode) power giving you a travel distance of about 43 miles, to 1280w ( turbo mode)  then you get speeds of up to 26mph and a travel distance of 37 miles ideal if you want to just have fast fun off road.
Comfort is key when purchasing a scooter; The SXT1000 Turbo comes complete with spring and damper shock absorbers with up to 3 inches of travel so providing a stable and comfortable ride. This great scooter handles like a motorbike and provides swift but comfortable travel.
The SXT1000 Turbo is powered by a 36V/30Ah Lithium battery pack which gives plenty of power when required and pushes this great scooter to a rapid (42km/h 26mph dependent on terrain), this is controlled by a twist throttle that applies the power with seamless effect.
Charging is simple and takes between 6 - 8 hours for a full charge.  Use the supplied charger, similar to charging a net book plug it in and wait for the LED lights to tell you when it is fully charged. A full charge will give you approximately 70km (43 miles eco mode) terrain dependant. and up to 60km (37 miles turbo mode) this is also terrain dependant. The SXT1000 turbo scooter sealed battery pack can be removed with ease for maintenance or charging by simply lifting it out via two handles from the centre deck.

Click & Lock saddle bracket system - improved locking of the saddle - now the saddle is 100% secured and firmly fitting into the scooter and can fitted in seconds and removed again. Locking takes place by means of foot lever.

Eco Button - By pressing the eco button the ECO mode is activated so saving about 60% of power delivered to the motor, this enables your scooter to travel longer distances and save battery usage. If the button is not pressed then your scooter will travel on max power.


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Road legal information: Please note: this scooter is not road legal and should not be used on any public highway Safety: We value our customer’s safety, so please ensure you purchase a good quality helmet, knee & elbow pads, and wrist guards before riding this scooter. Have fun but be safe.

Colour White
Battery-Type 36V 30Ah Li-Ion Lithium Battery


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SXT 5A Fast Scooter Charger for 36V lithium battery - Li-lon SXT 5A Fast Scooter Charger for 36V lithium battery - Li-lon
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