SXT300 Intermediate Kids 24V Electric Scooter 300W - Black

SXT300 Intermediate Kids 24V Electric Scooter 300W - Black

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SXT300 Intermediate Electric Scooter 300W kids and teens escooter. The SXT 300 bridges the gap between children's scooters and large adult models. This electric scooter is suitable from design and its size was equal for adolescents and adults. The non-existing saddle gives the rider a feeling of freedom during a driving wind blowing in his face. Despite its size, this model weighs only 19 kg including batteries and is so excellent everywhere to accept, even if you need to carry it up a staircase or just packing away for transport in a car or taking on holiday.
The motor of the new SXT 300 is strong enough to accelerate the scooter up to 20 km / 12mph. In some of the EU countries such as Austria and Holland the new SXT 300 can be used on public roads without any further authorization or the like can be operated. Fitted as standard to this great new SXT 300 scooter are front and rear mud flaps so protecting you from any water or mud splashes?
Power is seamlessly transmitted from the 24V 300W motor via a chain to the rear axle. Thanks to the beefy 3.00-4 pneumatic tires with inner tubes this scooter gives a very secure feeling when riding and can be operated easily on loose surfaces without the scooter sagging or getting stuck (Conditions dependent)
SXT always think of Safety first - therefore the braking system has a 140mm disc brake at the rear as many other SXT scooter model manufactured over the years. This braking system has proven itself to be robust and reliable.
Charging the SXT 300 scooter is easy, the charge point is easily accessed from the side of the scooter. - The charging time is approximately 4-6 hours. The SXT 300 is of course easily collapsible to accommodate car boots or even storage in boats – this makes the SXT 300 scooter fit in most small storage spaces. In addition the handle bars can be removed by loosening the fixing bolts so making the new SXT 300 easy to transport if required.


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Road legal information: Please note: this scooter is not road legal and should not be used on any public highway Safety: We value our customer’s safety, so please ensure you purchase a good quality helmet, knee & elbow pads, and wrist guards before riding this scooter. Have fun but be safe.

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