SXT Buddy 300W Electric Brushless Urban Scooter Black 7,8 Ah

SXT Buddy 300W Electric Brushless Urban Scooter Black 7,8 Ah

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The SXT Buddy escooter by Inokim is the perfect daily companion in all living situations. Whether as a commuter for on the way to work, to school or in your free time the new SXT Buddy escooter always makes a great companion and comes in a range of stunning colours. SXT Buddy - the last mile solution!

With its 8.5-inch air tyres mounted on aluminium rims, this escooter has a very comfortable feel and absorbs a lot of the shocks and vibrations that occur when driving on different surfaces especially if it’s not completely flat and smooth.

In the rear wheel is the torque-strong 300W brushless hub motor with which the SXT Buddy escooter can reach a maximum speed of up to 27 km/h, 16.5mph the escooter has 3 speeds available the speed steps are 6 km/h, 3.5mph  12 km/h, 7.5mph and full throttle. The highest level can be freely configured so that the escooter can also be limited to a top speed of 20 km/h, 12.5mph for example. The limit can be set at every full km/h, mph

The SXT Buddy escooter also has a cruise control (which can be deactivated), a drum brake on the rear axle, LED lighting at the front and rear, an illuminated multifunctional LCD display with total kilometres, daily kilometres as well as charge status of the battery. The foldable handles are made of a pleasant EVA, so that the entire scooter can be folded to very compact dimensions. In the extended state, the steering rod is 108 cm high from the ground.

With the aluminium frame below the and pleasantly wide footboard sits a powerful Li-Ion battery with 36 V operating voltage and 7.8 Ah capacity, which allows a range of up to 23 km, 14.3 miles The battery is exchangeable and can also be replaced with one with more capacity.

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Road legal & Safety information

Road legal information: Please note: this scooter is not road legal and should not be used on any public highway Safety: We value our customer’s safety, so please ensure you purchase a good quality helmet, knee & elbow pads, and wrist guards before riding this scooter. Have fun but be safe

Colour Black
Battery-Type 36V 7,8 Ah

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