SXT Light Eco Brushless 24V Urban Scooter - White

SXT Light Eco Brushless 24V Urban Scooter - White

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SXT Light Eco Brushless 24V Urban Scooter A New Era of Urban Mobility!

Made of highest quality materials and individual components the SXT Light eco has a lot of convincing arguments and is with 10.7 kg the currently lightest and most compact electric scooter of the world!

Its weight of just 10.8 kg including battery is almost unbeatable. This has been achieved only through the use of highest quality 6061 T6 lightweight aluminium to withstand even the harshest conditions reliably. Simultaneously, due to its super compact design with dimensions of 94.5 x 30 x 13.5cm when being folded this model can be used and stored virtually everywhere without problems and placed in every small storage compartment on transport, such as buses, trains etc.

The SXT light is driven by a built-in front-wheel brushless DC hub motor with 350W max. Power whose energy consumption is 6,15 Wh per km which means operating costs of approximately an unbelievable £1.00 per (as per current exchange rate 17/07/2016) 1.000 km.

The SXT Light is the first scooter model which is equipped with KERS Technology (Kinetic Energy Recovering System) which is known and also used in all Formula 1 cars. By the electromagnetic brake on the front axle braking energy is recovered and the range can therefore be increased up to 60% more. This is the first time it has been used in an electric kick scooter.

Equipped with a dual braking system there is also the manually controlled electromagnetic brake (which is also the KERS system is activated) at the front axle, and a foot-operated brake on the rear axle that also automatically activates the front magnetic brake at the same time. The electromagnetic front brake works without any mechanical friction and thus also subject to no wear.

The patented UBHI operating unit combines all the operating elements such as throttle, brake, light & light sensor, horn, LCD display & Cruise Control. The built-in LED light has 6 High Power LED's that are controlled by a brightness sensor that automatically turns lights and LCD display lightning on and off. Ermittette and displayed values ​​of LCD displays on daily distance, total distance, speed, battery status, and even the current ambient temperature. To warn other road users the UBHI has also a piezo buzzer which sounds right at your fingertips.

The electric scooter comes complete with non-pressurized tires with air a chamber system so called hollow tires. Damage to tires and punctures by nails or other damages that often occur on pneumatic tires are more or less impossible to happen although these hollow tires offer the same damping comfort of pneumatic ones. The SXT Light is equipped on the front and rear axle with shock absorbers to ensure optimum ride comfort.

During your fun journey, the cruise control can be activated and the cruise control maintains the desired speed without the throttle being pressed - this is de-activated by either the brake or throttle being pressed again. The escooter is equipped with a kick start function firstly to protect the motor and also to prevent accidental starting of the scooter (You need to push kick start to use the scooter). To start riding the scooter it is necessary to kick start the SXT light a few steps with the foot and pressing the throttle - this activates the motor in the scooter simultaneously. This feature can be disabled if desired using the UBHI operating unit.

In many countries, different speed limits apply. Therefore, the speed limit can be adjusted as follows. Possible limit levels are 12 km/h / 7.5 mph, 20 km/h / 12.5 mph or 25 km/h / 15.5 mph. The limit can be conveniently enabled or disabled in the UHBI.

If you would like to park your scooter, this is not done by a kickstand like most scooter models, but to re-save unnecessary weight here it has been taken into consideration in the design that the SXT light is folded into the parking position and stands securely on any flat level surface - within seconds its unfolded and ready to run again.

IMPORTANT NOTE!!! The SXT light model is not allowed to be used under road traffic licensing regulations.


Advantages "SXT light Eco" vs. "SXT light" Disadvantages "SXT light Eco" vs. "SXT light"
  • Much, much cheaper
  • slightly lighter
  • less climbing slope
  • less motor power
  • less max speed
  • less range
  • no rear and brake light
  • longer charging time
  • No Back Light


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Road legal information: Please note: this scooter is not road legal and should not be used on any public highway Safety: We value our customer’s safety, so please ensure you purchase a good quality helmet, knee & elbow pads, and wrist guards before riding this scooter. Have fun but be safe.

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